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Effortlessly add fully customizable, professional, digital exhibit stickers to PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro (versions 9 or later) or the new free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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Born by an attorney's frustration seeing countless staff hours spent rescanning exhibits that already existed in electronic form, just to add exhibit stickers, was created as an affordable, customizable, and professional solution for adding digital exhibit stickers to PDF documents prior to eFiling or printing.


Installation instructions are included in the download.

To use the exhibit stickers, simply select the stamp icon from the commenting tools, select the desired sticker color and format, place the sticker on the document, and follow the prompts to customize the sticker.

Once you have finalized the content of the sticker, the sticker can only be moved and/or deleted but the content cannot be changed. Being able to move the sticker allows readers to review text under the sticker. However, if you wish to prevent movement and deletion of the sticker, you can always print the "Document and Stamps" to PDF to to lock it in.


Similar software sell for up to $189.95.


Our premium sticker package costs a fraction at only $49.99 and contains no branding.


Competitors use their customers for advertising by branding all digital stickers with the sticker company's name. We believe this detracts from the professionalism of court filings and trial exhibits.


Our premium digital exhibit stickers contain no unprofessional branding.


Other solutions require you to separately purchase different sticker colors.


Our premium digital exhibit sticker package automatically includes all of the most commonly used colors:


  • Transparent

  • White

  • Blue

  • Yellow.


Download one of the following example PDFs which contain various stamps. Demo 2